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ADULTS: Dorcus titanus (Dorcus titanus palawanicus)

ADULTS: Dorcus titanus (Dorcus titanus palawanicus)

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This item will provide you with an adult pair of Dorcus titanus palawanicus.

Males have been active since early-May. Females have been active since late March.

Dorcus titanus palawanicus is a stag beetle species that originate from Palawan, Philippines. This particular subspecies of Dorcus titanus holds the distinction of being the longest among its kind, reaching an impressive maximum length of 110mm. The males are very aggressive and will pretty much bite anything that threatens them, even females. They have the potential to draw blood so care must be taken when handling males. The adults have a long life span and can live up to 18 months depending on the husbandry, which makes them an excellent pet for hobbyists.  

Feeds on beetle jelly and non-citrus fruits such as bananas and apples.

Difficulty level: Intermediate



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To ensure the safe arrival of adult beetles or larvae, packages are shipped with either a heat pack or cold pack, depending on the prevailing weather conditions in the receiving area. However, if the weather conditions are extreme, excessively cold or hot, the shipment will be withheld until the weather becomes favorable.

Larvae are shipped with adequate substrate that should last for approximately one week. It is advisable to have an adequate supply of substrate ready before their arrival.

Packages are usually sent out on Mondays-Wednesdays. 

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