Cyclommatus metallifer caresheet

Cyclommatus metallifer caresheet


  • Size: 20-90mm
  • Adult life span: 4-8 months
  • Temperature: 70-77°F 
  • Humidity: 60-70%
  • Food: Beetle jelly or fruits(no citrus)


  • Required temperature for breeding: 72-77°F 
  • Minimum container size for egg laying: 32oz container per female. Bigger containers are always the better option for breeding.
  • # of eggs laid on average: 10-30 eggs.
  • Flake soil humidity adjustment: The amount of water is appropriate when you can form a ball by squeezing the flake soil with your hand. Water seeping out of your hands during the process indicates that there is too much water.
  • Set-up: Lightly pack around 5 inches of flake soil. 

Set-up example:

64oz container 



  • Food: Flake soil or white-rot hardwood.
  • Temperature: 68-77°F.
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Larval duration: 4-7 months
  • Container size recommendations:
    • L1: 2oz deli cup
    • L2: 4-6oz deli cup
    • L3 female: 16oz deli cup
    • L3 male: 16-32oz deli cup. Wide containers are usually better for producing majors in my experience.
  • Larva weight to adult size estimate:
    Larval weight (g) Adult size (mm)
    6-8g 70mm or less
    9g 75mm






Personal notes:

  • Female larvae tend to pupate a lot faster than males. So it is ideal to keep female larvae cool (68°F) and male larvae warm(77°F). 
  • The size of the male pupa is influenced by both food and space. 
  • Larvae of this species are very peaceful. I have not experienced any cannibalism with this species yet.
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