List of beginner mistakes to avoid

Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid as a beginner!

1. Not aerating the flake soil

Upon opening a bag of flake soil, there's a chance that the flake soil will smell pungent. In such an instance, it is crucial to properly aerate the flake soil until the unpleasant scent dissipates. Failure to do so may result in a high probability of the larvae suffocating.

2. Heat pads and lamps

Refrain from placing heat pads and lamps in direct contact with the container housing the larva. The application of excessive heat may cause undue stress to the larva and lead to a higher likelihood of mortality.

3. Nonoptimal temperature

It is recommended to maintain a room temperature within the range of 68 - 80°F for most beetle species. Any temperatures exceeding or falling below this range may potentially cause difficulties for both beetles and larvae, depending on their species.

4. Changing the substrate frequently

It is recommended to change the substrate every 1-3 months,(depending on the size of the container and the species). Frequent substrate change can stress out the larvae.

5. Disturbing the larva too often

It is not advisable to take the larva out of the soil on a daily or weekly basis for monitoring purposes. Rather, it is recommended to monitor the larva from the sides of the container. In case of any issues, the larva will most likely emerge to the surface of the soil in search of a better environment.

6. Over moisturization

Do not over moisturize the flake soil! Flake soil must be kept moist but not dripping wet. The presence of condensation on the walls of the container indicates sufficient moisture levels.

7. Handling dormant beetles

It is recommended to avoid handling dormant beetles as much as possible, and allow them to rest until they become active. 

8. No objects to flip over

To ensure the well-being of active adult beetles, it is important to provide objects such as tree barks and sticks in their terrarium to prevent them from flipping over. A terrarium that solely consists of soil may result in the death of the beetles due to excessive energy expenditure in attempting to right themselves.

9. No ventilation

Adult beetles and larvae need oxygen just like you and me. Make sure to have ventilation holes on the lids of your containers.

10.  Avoid the sun

It is recommended to avoid placing the beetle and larvae terrariums in areas that receive direct sunlight. It is crucial to ensure that they are kept in shaded regions at all times.