My fascination with insects began during my childhood, and I have since nurtured this passion by keeping a diverse range of invertebrates, including moths, isopods, and mantids. Among them, however, no other insect captivates me more than beetles, particularly rhinoceros and stag beetles.

In 2014, I embarked on rearing and breeding a few species of beetles as a hobby, but over time, my interest turned into an obsession. The number of beetle species under my care grew threefold, and my room was gradually transformed into a haven for these fascinating creatures. Despite the effort required to manage such a collection, the satisfaction of witnessing the transformation of a tiny grub into a magnificent armored beetle makes it all worthwhile.

I created this website to accomplish three things:

  • Spread the joys of beetle keeping
  • Sell quality beetles
  • Make beetle keeping more common in the U.S