Derby's flower beetle care sheet

Derby's flower beetle care sheet


  • Size: 30-45mm
  • Adult life span including dormant period: 3-6 months
  • Temperature: 68-80°F 
  • Humidity: 40-50%
  • Food: Beetle jelly or fruits(no citrus)


  • Required temperature for breeding: 72-80°F
  • Minimum container size for egg laying: 5in x 3in x 5in 
  • # of eggs laid on average: 25-50 eggs
  • Flake soil humidity adjustment: The amount of water is appropriate when you can form a ball by squeezing the flake soil with your hand. Water seeping out of your hands during the process indicates that there is too much water. 
  • Set-up: No need to pack the substrate at all. Just fill the container with flake soil. The females of this species tend to lay eggs without hardening the substrate around the eggs.

Set-up example: 


  • Food:
    • Flake soil
    • A mixture of 80% oak leaves + 20% rotten woo
    • I've heard of some people using horse dung to feed the larvae but I have not tried this method yet
  • Temperature: 70-77°F.
  • Humidity: 50-60%
  • Larval duration: 8-12 months
  • Container size recommendations:
    • L1-L2: 4oz deli cup
    • L3: 16oz deli cup. Can also be kept communally in a bigger container.
  • Pupation: Larvae create a cocoon ball using their frass before they pupate. If you don't see the larva at the bottom of the container for a few days, it could indicate that they are making their cocoon ball. Destroying this ball usually leads to death so carefully dig around the container if you are planning on taking out the cocoon ball. 

Helpful notes and tips:

  • One of the easiest species to rear and breed 
  • Larvae usually create very fragile cocoon balls so it's good to provide some clay when they are nearing pupation.
  • Adults have the tendency to fly off without any warning so if you plan on handling them, make sure to do it in an enclosed area.
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