Dynastes tityus care

Dynastes tityus care


  • Size: 35-70mm
  • Dormant period: 3-8 months
  • Adult life span once active: 4-6 months
  • Temperature: 50-77°F when dormant. 68-77°F when active.
  • Humidity: 70-80%
  • Food: Beetle jelly or fruits(no ctirus)


  • Required temperature for breeding: 70-77°F
  • Minimum container size for egg laying: 8 in x 4 in x 8 in. Bigger containers are always the better option for breeding!
  • # of eggs laid on average: 20-80 eggs.
  • Flake soil humidity adjustment: The amount of water is appropriate when you can form a ball by squeezing the flake soil with your hand. Water seeping out of your hands during the process indicates that there is too much water.
  • Set-up: Pack the bottom 5cm of the container tightly and fill up the remaining space loosely with flake soil. Place objects such as sticks or barks at the top so that the beetle can flip itself over if needed. Lastly, don't forget to regularly change fruits or beetle jelly for the beetle to feed!

Set-up example:

Beetle breeding set up example


  • Food: Flake soil or white-rot hardwood.
  • Temperature: 70-77°F is the optimal temperature. Able to tolerate cold temperatures during the winter months. 
  • Humidity: 60-70%
  • Larval duration: 8-18 months. 
  • Container size recommendations:
    • L1: 4oz deli cup
    • L2: 16oz deli cup
    • L3/pupa: 32oz deli cup. The biggest male I've reared in 32oz container was 64mm. Bigger males may need a bigger container.

Breeding notes:

  • Dormant period can last anywhere from 3-8 months. Keeping them at warm temps(no more than 77F) will make them active sooner.
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