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Stag beetle flake soil

Stag beetle flake soil

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Formulated specifically for nourishing your stag beetle larvae. 

What is flake soil? 

Flake soil is fermented hardwood sawdust supplemented with nutrients such as flour and bran. It will be the main source of food for beetle larvae especially if you do not have any access to rotten wood and leaves nearby. 

The flake soil bags we sell comes in a sealed ziploc bag, which causes anaerobic bacteria to multiply and create an oxygen-free environment inside the bag. This anaerobic environment kills all pests. Moreover, the decomposition rate of the flake soil in the anaerobic environment compared to an aerobic environment is very slow; thus, the quality of the flake soil can be maintained for a long time.

**How to use: Once receiving your flake soil, pour the flake soil into a wide container and aerate it by mixing it around everyday for 2-3 days .The flake soil should smell earthy before use. If the flake soil smells like ammonia or is generating heat, you must keep aerating it. Failure to do this step may cause your larvae to suffocate and potentially die. We try to adjust the humidity of the flake soil before putting them in bags; however, if the flake soil is dry, please add water accordingly. 

This flake soil is specifically  formulated for raisings stag beetle larvae. Although it can be used for rhino/flower beetle larvae, its efficacy may be somewhat diminished. We recommend buying the rhino beetle flake soil here if you plan on raising rhino beetle larvae.



Shipping Info:

Flake soil is always shipped separate from adult beetles and larvae.

Packages are usually sent out on Mondays-Wednesdays.  

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